Maria João Rocha

Biographical note

Maria João Chainho Ataide Rocha, PhD student in Education at ULHT.

Master in neuropsychology, multiple intelligences and mindfulness in education for children by António Nebrija University – Madrid (2019).

Degree in Early Childhood Education in ESE Setúbal – 2005.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Child studies
  • Childhood Pedagogy
  • Training early childhood educators
  • Practical training of early childhood educators
  • Dialogical education
  • Peace education and human rights

PhD project

Children’s voice and turn: A study with and for children
Professora Doutora Ana Paula Silva

This research project arises within the scope of the doctorate in education. The theme focuses on the participation and voice of children in the context of pre-school education. At the base of our investigative interest is the question: How are children’s voices and participation in their learning experiences (dis)considered in the educational context? In this concern, we assume the necessary starting point that will be reflected in the epistemological questions that will guide the intention to carry out this study. Thus, giving voice and agency to the children participating in the research is, above all, our commitment: a study with and for children. Because we recognize children as developing people, capable of thinking for themselves, thus building their own understanding of the world. In this way, it is our intention to follow a parallel path, in interrelational harmony, co-constructing the conclusions that will emerge from this study. Based on leading authors in the field of our subject, that is, based on paradigms that privilege the voice and effective participation of children, where the pedagogy of listening and participation is affirmed. To this end, we will focus on the interpretive paradigm integrating the ethnographic perspective, limited to the case study. Regarding data collection instruments, we aim at multiple sources of information, content analysis will be the technique used for inferences from data collected in the field, allowing us to triangulate and identify the results.

Key words: Preschool education (kindergarten); Children’s participation (voices and listening pedagogy); The child’s place; Apprenticeships