Maria Paz Fuenzalida

Biographical note

Has a degree and a master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Brasília and is a PhD candidate in Museology at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias. Worked in the educational program of the Centro Cultural Três Poderes developing heritage and museum education activities. Has experience in the sociology of culture, working on the following topics: cultural heritage, cultural statistics, research methods and techniques, national inventory of cultural references and heritage education. She is a sociology teacher in basic education.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Museum and heritage education
  • Memory
  • Sociomuseology
  • Sociology of culture
  • Cultural heritage

PhD project

Memory and Education: experience of musealization and interlocution of knowledge in Quilombo Mesquita – Cidade Ocidental – Goiás Brazil
Professora Doutora Maristela Simão

This research project aims to understand the processes of memory constitution and interlocution of knowledge in the quilombola community of Mesquita – Cidade Ocidental – Goiás Brazil, focusing on the constitution of its Memory Space and the interrelationship of the internal and external community, through educational processes and actions.