Mary Joice Paranaguá Rios Rodrigues

Biographical note

Graduated in Letters from the Federal University of Maranhão (1990), Specialization in Teaching Methodology in the Third Degree from the State University of Maranhão (1988) and Master’s in Letters from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2001). I am a professor at the State University of Maranhão, I teach Portuguese Language, Literature, Practice and Curriculum Internships. Director of Literature Courses / CECEN and Director of the Literature Course of the Teacher Training Program – ENSINAR. Teacher Training, in the Simplified Selection Process for DL entrance exams, in the Selection Process for Access to Higher Education-PAES 2017, 2018, 2019. Developed the UEMA / CAPES-Language Portuguesa project / subproject in the form of Faculty Advisor at the State University of Maranhão, linked to the Pedagogical Residency Program from August 2018 to January 2020. I developed the extension projects: The Argumentation in the Production of Dissertation Texts (2015-2016); The approach of the English Language in the Textual Production and Reading Perspective (2018-2019) . I am currently Coordinator of the CE Paulo VI / UEMA Application School Project, Member of the State Council of Education of Maranhão for the Implementation of the New High School in the State of Maranhão.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Teachers Education
  • Language, Literature and Education

PhD project

TEACHER EDUCATION IN PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE: case study of the Teaching Program in Maranhão

Based on the case study of the Teaching Program at the State University of Maranhão, this research will examine the presence of ideological mechanisms that permeate the teaching discourse on the school setback in the training of professionals in the Portuguese language, looking for the strategies referenced by the teachers who emphasize the responsibilities that can be assigned to them from experiences in the classroom. Supported by the existing connection between the valorization of initial formation; the selection process performed by the university system, having as main theoretical references the authors Pierre Bourdieu & Jean Claude Passeron and Christian Baudelot & Roger Establet, who make a social critique of the education system; it is intended to verify if the teacher is the social agent that contributes to the school setback; if you are aware that the methodologies used are effective for learning; or if they hinder the process.