Rafaele Aragão dos Santos

Biographical note

Doctoral student in Education at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies (Lisbon-Portugal). Master in Biotechnology from the Federal University of Ceará – UFC (2015). Specialist in Higher Education Didactics by Centro Universitário Inta – UNINTA (2019). Specialist in Tutoring in Distance Education and Higher Education Teaching by Centro Universitário Inta – UNINTA (2018). Specialist in Educational Sciences by the Higher Institute of Applied Theology – INTA (2013). Specialist in Health Surveillance by the Higher Institute of Applied Theology – INTA (2009). Specialist in Public Health by the Higher Institute of Applied Theology – INTA (2008). He has a degree in Biology from the Universidade Estadual Vale do Acaraú (2006.1). Postgraduate Professor of Education and Health and Web Tutor of the Distance Learning Pedagogy Course at Centro Universitário Inta-UNINTA. It develops activities to guide the completion of works for the Postgraduate courses of the aforementioned Institution. She currently works as a Professor at Centro Universitário Inta-UNINTA.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Education
  • Teacher training
  • Continuing teacher training

PhD project

A formação de professores do curso de enfermagem e o processo de ser e tornar-se professor: narrativas uma trajetória de formação
Adriano de Jesus Miguel Dias Pedro

Studying the process of teacher training in front of a reference University Center, in the State of Ceará, Brazil, has as one of the great challenges the training of higher education teachers who did not have pedagogical knowledge in their training and, despite this, became successful teachers, taking teaching situations as a reference, which implies a unique way of understanding the exercise of teaching as a fundamental space/time in the constitution of the processes of being a teacher, making the development of research on their training fundamental. This study aims to understand, through narratives, the continuous training of teachers of Nursing Courses from the subjectivity processes of training that interfere in being and becoming a teacher. The investigation starts from the following problem: How did the teachers of the Nursing Course become a successful teacher without having any degree of knowledge in their training? The method addressed in this qualitative study will be through the (auto) biography inspired by Josso (2004) that allows knowing through experiences the formation of identities and subjectivities reflected in the experiences acquired during the teacher’s training, whether they are obtained from what was observed , felt or even perceived during their training journey. In this method, we intend to listen to the narratives of 10 male and female university professors from the Nursing Course to learn about the experiences acquired during the training built on the history of these professors.