Rosimeria Maria Braga de Carvalho

Biographical note

Graduated in Full Degree in Physical Education from the Northeastern Regional University, URNE-Campina Grande PB – Brazil (1986).

Doctoral student at the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies, Lisbon Portugal.

Master in Educational Sciences from ULHT- Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies (2017).

Specialist in Education and Educational Public Policies -FIP- Patos-Paraíba (2009).

Specialist in Human Performance Evaluation, (1989) ESEF-UPE-Recife PE.

Worked as a Gymnastics Teacher at the Academy, Bodybuilding and Labor Gymnastics in Companies in São luís – Ma. Personal Trainner, Fitness Consultant (1986 to 2002).

Effective State Public Servant, of the State Department of Education, with 02 public competitions since 2001, acting as a Physical Education teacher in state schools in São Luís -MA.

She was the State Coordinator of Physical Education, for the Reformulation of the Curricular Proposal subsidized the Curriculum Guidelines of the Physical Education for Elementary and High School curriculum component of the State Education Network SUC / SAE / SEDUC (2009-2013).

Coordinated at SUC / SAE / SEDUCMA, the Drug Prevention Project with pedagogical and preventive actions in the State Government Program (2010 to 20012).

She served as State Coordinator at the Federal School Athlete Educational Sports Program (2012-2014). And Institutional General Coordinator of the State Secretariat of Education SEEDUC-MA in the Federal Educational Sports Program PST (20012 to 2016).

She was SEDUC-MA State Coordinator of the Federal Programs: Young Brazilian Parliament, Young Senator and Young Mercosur and Coordinator of Institutional Youth Participation (2016-2017).

Areas of academic and scientific interest

Teacher training, Observation of teaching practices, Physical Education, Educational Sport and Quality of Life

Individual doctoral project

“Professional Satisfaction and Quality of Teaching Practice of Physical Education Teacher”
Professor Leonardo Rocha


PhD Research in Education, aiming to analyze the relationship between professional satisfaction and the quality of teaching practice of Physical Education teachers in the Proposal of the Full Units of the Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Maranhão (IEMA), of the Metropolitan Region of São Luís, as an intentional sample of the research field, presenting itself as innovative units in vocational education integrated with full-time high school, in content, method and management, found in the increase of educational rates. It is configured as a descriptive, exploratory, cross-sectional investigation. The theoretical foundation of the study will prioritize the references related to the issues of professional satisfaction and teaching action in Physical Education and its intervening factors. Data collection will take place through surveys to identify the socio-demographic and professional profile, the influence of professional satisfaction on the quality of educational pedagogical action and observation of teaching practices, which will (quantitatively and qualitatively) allow the construction of a clear and complete image. professional skills of the observed teachers. As a result of the research, it is intended to know, through data analysis, indicators that present elements to these themes and allow to relate the professional satisfaction of teachers with the quality of their pedagogical intervention.

Keywords: Teaching practice, Professional Satisfaction, Teachers of Physical Education