Solange Teixeira

Biographical note

PhD student in Education at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technology-Lisboa-PT. Master in Education by ULHT. Post Graduation in: Education, Development and Educational Policies by the Integrated Faculty of Patos-PB(2013), Innovative Methodologies Applied to Education by the International Faculty of Curitiba-FACINTER, in 2009 and Technology in Education by the Pontifica Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in the year 2008. Graduated in Pedagogy from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) in 1996. She has experience in the area of Education, with emphasis in Educational Units Administration.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Education and Technology
  • Public Policies in ICT

PhD project

Avaliação da Política Pública de Tecnologia em Educação no RN/Brasil
Professora Doutora Dulce Maria Franco

This work is viewed from a perspective of analysis of public policies of educational technology, from the Educational Technology Program (ProInfo), in order to identify similarities and contradictions between the different discourses in what the program intends to accomplish and what actually happens, in relation to (SEEC), in the State of Rio Grande do Norte / Brazil, during the ten years of the decree that established ProInfo (2007-2017) in its current format, based on official data and those obtained in the research carried out. The theoretical-methodological assumptions used in this study will follow a qualitative approach, based on contributions to the policy cycle approach, formulated by the English sociologist Stephen Ball. The analysis of this program is relevant, since it offers an overview of how the Brazilian public policies of insertion to the pedagogical use of technologies are being implemented, mainly in public schools, in opposition to the objectives advocated by the program.

Keywords: Public Policy, Education, Educational Technology, ProInfo.