Tatiana Takatuzi

Biographical note

Graduated in History at the Federal University of Paraná and Master in Social Anthropology at the State University of Campinas. Coordinator of the History Sector at the Paranaense Museum. Works in studies of socio-environmental impact and demarcation of indigenous and quilombola lands. Phd student in Museology at the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies and a fellow in the scope of the UNESCO Chair “Education, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity” 2019-2020.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Traditional, indigenous and quilombolas peoples
  • Quilombola museums and memory centers

PhD project

Museus e outras iniciativas de memória em Comunidades Remanescentes de Quilombos no Paraná
Doctorate Professor Maristela Simão

The research has the main goal objective to analyze the diversity of symbolic, cultural, pedagogical and political representations existing in the memory initiatives in Remaining Communities of Quilombos in Paraná. The thesis will seek to raise narratives and historical and ethnographic representations of the communities, know the uses, practices and material and immaterial knowledge of their collections and identify the relationships and connections they establish with the school, the territory and the quilombola political struggle. Its hypothesis is to perceive these places as a Living Museum, with dynamics of updating and reconstruction of memories that can be the result of a colonialist past and also as tools of engagement in favor of identity affirmation and anti-racist struggle.