Weberson de Freitas

Biographical note

Master’s degree in Educational Sciences at ULHT in 2018.

Bachelor’s degree in English Language, from the Federal University of Amazonas in 2005.

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Sciences, from the Federal University of Amazonas in 2004.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Education
  • Foreign language teaching
  • People and Process Management
  • Teacher Training
  • Education Sciences

PhD project

Ensino em língua inglesa e a proposta do Design Thinking em uma escola de ensino fundamental
Doctorate Professor Elsa Estrela

The teaching-learning process in foreign languages is above all dynamic and challenging. Therefore, it is a fact to realize the importance of seeking new opportunities to perform the art of teaching with quality, innovation and meaning for students.

As a teacher, in the daily life of the classroom, it is perceived in the teaching of a foreign language some of the most relevant challenges to be identified and equated in conducting, such as the cultural aspect, level of knowledge and motivation under the foreign language by the students and time exploration of content.

In this sense, from the perspective of the education phenomenon, it is intended to understand the use of the Design Thinking (DT) approach as an element that stimulates the creation and/or interaction of efficient methods of teaching in a foreign language. The DT was chosen in this study because it has, in its essence, pillars (empathy, collaboration and experimentation), which can provide a permissible environment for the creation of pedagogical solutions. DT is an approach aimed at solving problems in various activities of the human social context such as industry, commerce, security and entertainment. Thus, it would be potentially opportune to test the applicability of the DT in terms of the search for pedagogical solutions in English language learning, in a real teaching context.

Being an essentially exploratory and qualitative research, the importance of working the researched phenomenon will be guided, in the light of scientific rigor and relevance to the education sciences, through questionnaires, focus groups and audio and video recordings at different times. estimated. It is intended to compare groups of the same school grade, with and without the DT experimentation, in the same academic period, in order to identify the conclusive relevance and academic understanding of the study. The importance of the relationship between study and knowledge is highlighted, that is, in ways that focus on students and teachers: direct subjects.