Talita Souza Umbelino Rodrigues da Cruz

Biographical note

Writer, Editor and Organizer of Books, Journals, Scientific Journals and Teaching Materials. Administrative Director of Grupo Impacto Conexões. Member of the Academic Scientific Council of Academic Scientific Journals. Owner of the company Impact Specialized Development. Lecturer, speaker and developer working in Continuing Multiprofessional Training and Implementation of Social Projects (Third Sector). Documentary, administrative and pedagogical advisor in public and private companies. Deep and Intense Performance in Higher Education. Coordinator of Graduate Programs. Specialization Coordinator. Assistive Technologies Center Coordinator: Inclusion Languages and Assistive Techniques. Coordinator of Undergraduate Courses in Law, Pedagogy and Social Work. Leading Researcher and Coordinator of the Global Research Center at the DGP / Directory of Research Groups in Brazil Lattes / CNPq. Researcher Member of the Field of Health Research Program at Unesp / Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho. Researcher Member of CeiED (Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education and Development) at ULHT / Lusófona University – Lisbon / Portugal. Vice-coordinator and Member of CEP / Research Ethics Committee. PhD in Education by the European Union (Public Policies: Processes of Change, Innovation and Institutional Reconstruction: Memories of Inclusion at the University). Master’s in Education (Monitoring the School Experience of Autistic Adolescents in Regular Education). Specialist in Special Education from the Perspective of Inclusive Education (The Struggle Continues: Teaching-Learning Processes among Children with Special Educational Needs and Educators). Specialist in School Management and Didactics in Higher Education (Public Policies: Rethinking School Administration Processes in Public and Private Institutions). Specialist in Distance Learning Management and Implementation – Distance Learning (Public Policies and Distance Learning – Distance Learning: Training Tool or Promotion?). Specialist in Assistive Technologies and Accessibility (Public Policies, Assistive Technologies and Accessibility in Higher Education: They arrived …). Specialist in Constitutional Law (Public Policies on Social Rights: From Fundamental Rights to the Dignity of the Human Person). Specialist in Administrative Law (Public Policies on Social Rights: Third Sector and Assistance to People with Autism). Specialist in Business Law (Public Policies: Private Management and Social Responsibility). Specialist in Tax Law (Public Policy: Tax Aspects and the Third Sector). Graduated in Law (Autism and Legislation: Comparative Law). Graduated in Theology (Public Policies: Educational Chaplaincy as a Socio-Educational Investment). Pedagogy (The Complexity of Inclusion of the Disabled in the Presence of the University Professor in the Light of Michel Foucault’s Conceptions).

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Public policy
  • Political dialogue
  • Educational innovation and institutional re-construction
  • Policy evaluation
  • Educational Sciences
  • Legal Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Assistive Technologies and Accessibility