Zoran Roca

Biographic Note

PhD Equivalence in Geography and Regional Planning at Universidade Nova de Lisboa with PhD in Geography at the University of Zagreb.

MA in Geography at Ohio State University and BA in Geography at the University of Zagreb.

University professor in Human Geography (principles, methods and techniques), Development Studies (epistemology, scope, instruments) and Socio-demographic Analysis (methods, techniques and contextualization).

International consultant in development policy studies, member of national and international research networks and editor of international publications.

Over 30 years of experience in international technical assistance and development cooperation programmes and projects (UN, EU, NGOs) in countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Brazil and Eastern and Southern Europe.

Áreas de interesse académico e científico

  • Territorial identity as a development resource: theoretical, methodological and policy issues
  • Sense of place, territorial development and the local/global nexus
  • Design and application of participatory research tools for local development

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