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Successful first hackathon by TASK21

The need for us all to be able to learn and re-learn is constantly becoming more and more  important, as the speed of change continues to increase in our society. The Covid-19  pandemic has forced us all to change, adapt and go online. We have taken a giant leap in  online distance learning in a very short time. But what are the problems in online distance  learning? And how can they be solved? 

This was the challenge that brought together student-teams from four different universities  in Europe to hack for one day. The students worked in cross functional teams. All teams had  both pedagogy students and AI students. All teams had at least three different nationalities.

At the end of the day, the students pitched their solution to an experienced jury of  pedagogy and ai experts. 

“The winning team, #3, has presented a good innovative idea for socialization and  asynchronous learning. With well described benefits as well as realistic implementation  proposal for virtualization of a school. We can also see that the solution has a potential to  make learning easier for people at the same time as they work, something the EU has  identified as a very important goal”, says the jury.

Team 3 – mission statement

The jury members were: 

Letterio Todaro, President of the degree program in Pedagogical Sciences and Educational  Design, University of Catania 

Inês Vieira, post-doctoral integrated researcher at CeiED – Interdisciplinary Research Centre  for Education and Development, Lusófona University, and collaborator at CICS.NOVA, FCSH.  Active in the fields of Social Sciences, Education, Ecology and Territory Christophe Rodrigues, Assistant Professor at ESILV Engineer School, Pôle Universitaire  Léonard de Vinc 

Anis Yazidi, Professor at Oslo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Technology, Art and  Design, Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence 

Congratulations to team #3, says Niclas Melin, moderator of the Hackathon from NetPort  Science Park. And big thanks to all participants in the Hackathon, you all did fantastic work.