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Symposium “Inclusion and Teacher Training in Portugal

21, 22 and 23 November 2022

This ONLINE Symposium, organized by NEISE – Centre for Studies in Social and Educational Inclusion, aims to deepen the debate on the singularities, contradictions, threats and opportunities of policies, cultures and practices of teacher education for Inclusion in Portugal. To this end, the program will include an opening conference that invites reflection on the general theme of the Symposium. Then, three round tables, one in each day, will address issues arising from policy decisions; those related to specialized training, organized by higher education institutions; and others, closer to the Schools, which are related to continuous training and emerging problems in day-to-day life for which answers must be found.

It is based on these premises that this Symposium was thought, with guests who will certainly bring reflections and proposals that will enrich the discussion and will contribute positively to Teacher Training for Inclusion in our country.

Registration is free but compulsory. Register here.