Workshop of Reflection and Academic Production

CeiEd in collaboration with the Directorate of the PhD in Education presents an initiative to support doctoral students. It is the CeiED Workshop | Reflection and Academic Production, which aims to support ULHT PhD students in Education during the development of their research projects. It is also intended to constitute a space to combat academic isolation during the research period.

It is an informal space for collaborative work where students and teachers interact in favor of work based on debate and critical reflection around a problem or methodology. In this space, doctoral students will have the opportunity to ask their questions, concerns and academic uneasiness’s, which will receive individualized attention and shared group discussion.

Here, doctoral students will have contact with their colleagues’ questions and doubts. As such, everyone contributes with interest and commitment to solving problems. The workshop will also support the work of the curricular seminars, as well as the production of the Research Report.

In addition to the concrete doubts of doctoral students, both in conceptual, methodological and technical terms, this will also be the space where general questions related to academic culture can be addressed. It is thus constituted as a space for debate and critical reflection with the aim of stimulating publication through the support and dissemination of call for papers in leading magazines, in conferences and congresses of the specialty.

This workshop seeks to stimulate the intellectual progression of the doctoral student by applying and expanding the skills acquired during the curricular period of the PhD course, in order to know:

  • Apply the skills learned throughout the PhD program to design and produce a coherent and relevant thesis;
  • Promote individual initiative for research.