Colloquium Cyberparks – The Relationship between People, Public Spaces and Technology

16th February 2017 |Campus of University Lusófona, Lisbon, Portugal

A colloquium organised within the Cyberparks Project by the CeiED Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education and Development / Universidade Lusófona, in cooperation with LNEC National Laboratory of Civil Engineering.

Workshop Co-Creating of Inclusive and Mediated Public Spaces

The CyberParks Colloquium is a unique forum that brings together researchers and practitioners from the CyberParks Project (29 European countries) for half-day programme dedicated to discuss the penetration of digital technology in our everyday life and the way we use and enjoy public open spaces.

The Cyberparks project (COST Action TU1306) aims at production and sharing of knowledge about the interactions of people, social practices, public open spaces (parks, gardens, squares, plazas, etc.), urban design and the role of ICT as a mediator that could support the creation of a more inclusive and user-friendly urban environment. The Action focuses on how new digital devices can contribute to:

  1. attracting more users to interact in public spaces;
  2. creating more inclusive public spaces, aiming at improving the physical and mental condition and the well- being of people; and
  3. developing new research methodologies that can support the production and co-creation of inclusive and enjoyable public spaces.

The Colloquium aims at opening a forum for sharing CyberParks’ issues with a broad audience and is be open for the academic and planner’s community. The Colloquium offers the opportunity to showcase innovative ideas on the relationship of people with places and technology as well as to increase the debate on research needs.

The colloquium is part of the programme of the workshop on Co-Creating of Inclusive and Mediated Public Spaces, that will take place between February 13th to 16th February 2017 at the Universidade Lusófona.


Registrations – Room B1.1
Opening and welcome speeches
Mário Canevas Mountinho | Universidade Lusófona, Dean
António Teodoro | Universidade Lusófona, Director of Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education and Development, CeiED
Panel discussion
» Insights on CyberParks
Carlos Smaniotto | Universidade Lusófona | CeiED (PT)
» Smart cities and the re-invention of the panopticon
Catarina Patrício Leitão | Universidade Lusófona | ECATI (PT)
» Imagining the urban public sphere in times of digital media
Martijn de Waal | Lectorate of Play & Civic Media | Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (NL)
» Inclusive design is good design
Tatiana Ruchinskaya | TVR Design Consultancy, Cambridge (UK)
Coffee break
Workshop Co-Creating of inclusive and mediated public spaces
Round table – Debate and questions to the panel and audience.
Is the mediated public space a smart place?
Concluding Remarks
Konstantinos Ioannidis | aaiko arkitekter, Oslo (NO)
Walking tour to the Parque da Quinta das Conchas and introduction to the Tool WAY CyberParks.
Social dinner at the Parque – Food, Drink, Networking & Catching up!


There is no registration fee, but an advanced registration to the Colloquium is mandatory. To ensure a place please register before the online registration deadline (February 8th, 2017) using the button below. Kindly make sure that you receive the automatic email reply for your registration.

Only registered delegates are permitted to attend the colloquium. Once you are registered and cannot attend the Colloquium, you are requested to notify the organisation committee so that another person can take your place.



In the evening, we plan to visit the exciting Parque da Quinta das Conchas, Alameda das Linhas das Torres, Lumiar, in Lisbon. Here the delegates have the chance to get an introduction and test the tool WAY CyberParks. A social dinner is planned for 20:30 at the Restaurant O Conchas located in the park. The park and the restaurant can be easily reached from the Campus; it takes around 15 min walking. Participation to the social dinner is not included in the registration. Tickets are 15,00€ per participant and can be bought while registering for the Colloquium.