Lauren Ila Misiaszek

Nota biográfica

Lauren Ila Misiaszek, PhD is Associate Professor at the Institute of International and Comparative Education, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, China. She is Immediate Past Secretary General of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies, Associate Director of the Paulo Freire Institute, UCLA, and Fellow and Founding Member of the International Network on Gender, Social Justice and Praxis.

Áreas de interesse académico e científico

  • Non-formal education and community and social movements (with an emphasis on theology and religion)
  • Sociology of higher education
  • Critical education
  • Globalization and education
  • Post-foundational approaches to Global Citizenship Education (GCE)
  • Gender and education
  • Rural and urban health education 
  • Intersections of humanities and the social sciences
  • International service learning
  • The above research interests within the field of comparative education, particularly post-foundational approaches to the field
  • Geographic focus on Americas and Asia, some work in East and Southern Africa