Artigos em revistas internacionais

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Capítulos de livro

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Comunicações em eventos internacionais

  • Simon, S. (2011). “Bridges between traditional and modern water policies in Morocco. Cultural ingenuity, social adaptability, climatic constraints, and modern economic aspirations in the rehabilitation of the medina of Fes.”. Paper presented in 7th international environmental, cultural, economic and social sustainability conference in New Zealand, New Zealand.
  • Simon, S. (2010). “LLamadas – back to home, homeostatis and harmony. An audio visual flamenco project based on art education to promote eco-health.”. Paper presented in International ECO-Health conference.

Comunicações em eventos nacionais

  • Simon, S. (2019). Verdir l’economie ou… la boucler? Cycles de conférences internes 27 Mars 2019. Faculté des sciences humaines et sociales.

Outras publicações

  • Simon, Sandrine. 2020. Book Review of “Water, Sustainable Development and the Nexus””. Review of Water, Sustainable Development and the Nexus. Water Allternatives.
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  • Simon, S. (2017). “Education: et si le numérique changeait vraiment la donne?”. Innovation Review. Disponível aqui.