Ana Sofia António

Biographical note

PhD in Education from the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, in 2013. She was a scholarship holder by the Ministry of Education, which allowed her to investigate the relations between opinion articles on education, published in reference journals, and the values and aspirations defended by the new middle class.

Ana Sofia António is a Master of Science in Education with specialization in education, development and educational policies, her dissertation was published by Asa Editora with the title "O Outro Lado do Espelho Sentimentos, Vivências, Imaginários – Professores no Lugar do Morto" (The Other Side of the Mirror. Feelings, experiences, imaginary. Teachers in place of the dead).  

She was graduated in Education in the area of Mathematics and Sciences, by the Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa, in 1997. She is currently a teacher of the 2nd cycle of elementary education belonging to the 230th group of recruitment, in Cascais.  

Ana Sofia António participated in the project The Construction of Teacher Profession in Secondary School (1947 – 1974). Training, Paths, Identities, carried out within the scope of the Research and Development Unit: Observatório de Políticas de Educação, Formação e Ciência (Observatory of Education Policies and Educational Contexts), with the scientific coordination of Professor António Teodoro; in the scope of this project produced an investigation with the title: “De menina a mestra: memórias do curso de Formação Feminina”. (Girls and their needlework teachers: memories of the Female Training Course), the result of this investigation is available online, in this research was tried to know the entanglements that embraced a course destined only to girls and, to the departure, oriented so that they acquired a feminine knowledge and later were able to perform certain domestic tasks giving continuity to an economic-family structure.

She joined the research project Educating the Global Citizen: Globalization, Educational Reform and the Politics of Equity and Inclusion in 12 Countries, with the scientific coordination of Professor António Teodoro. She has sought to disseminate the results of his research in scientific articles and in meetings with other researchers.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • The mandate assigned to the school by the new middle class
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Social Communication
  • Education
  • Meritocracy
  • New middle class