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The Post-Doctoral Program is an individual program of advanced training and R&D to be developed by professors and researchers with doctoral degrees, under the scientific coordination of a professor or researcher from Lusófona University.

CeiED - Interdisciplinary Research Center for Education and Development accepts applications for post-doctoral projects within the scientific areas of CeiED. Applications are open continuously.

  • Click here to know more about the Post-PhD in Education
  • Click here to know more about the Post-PhD in Museology

Post-Phd in the last 6 years

  • Meet our PostDoc Researchers here.
  • Joana Quinta (Post Phd in Education)
  • Adriana Almeida Sales de Melo (Post Phd in Education)
  • Maria da Graça Nóbrega Bollmann (Post Phd in Education)
  • Lúcia Lehmann (Post Phd in Education)
  • Teresa de Jesus Portelinha Almeida Patatas (Post Phd in Education)
  • Diana Bogado Corrêa da Silva (Post Phd in Education)
  • Marcelo Nascimento Bernardo da Cunha (Post Phd in Education)
  • Maria das Graças de Souza Teixeira (Post Phd in Museology)
  • Ana Paula Lopes Silva Damas Fitas (Post Phd in Museology)
  • Mariana Westphalen Von Hartenthal (Post Phd in Museology)
  • Luciana Pasqualucci de Lima (Post Phd in Museology)
  • Rildo Bento de Souza (Post Phd in Museology)