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The Interdisciplinary Research Center for Education and Development (CeiED) is a leading research and development unit in the fields of Education, Training, and Museology within the Lusófona Group. It is hosted by Lusófona University and founded by the Cooperativa de Formação e Animação Cultural (COFAC).

The center brings together researchers from various areas within the Social and Human Sciences and Education who share a common goal: to advance knowledge towards Human Development. CeiED focuses on three fundamental dimensions of economic, social, and territorial cohesion: Education, Memory, and Territory, which include the fight against inequalities, respect for differences, and the recognition of the equal dignity of the human condition.

CeiED - Interdisciplinary Research Center for Education and Development activity is organized around three pillars: research, advanced training, and public science:

  • The research pillar is organized into Research and Learning Communities (ReLeCo), from where researchers lead and participate in national and international scientific projects, publications, and events.
  • The advanced training pillar provides follow-up of doctoral programs in Education and Sociomuseology, as well as master's degree programs at the Lusofona University Centres of Lisbon and Porto. CeiED also promotes the development of cross-disciplinary research competences and internationalization of career paths for PhD students and supervisors through the regular activity of CeiED’s Doctoral College.

The public science pillar brings together research, teaching, and society through the UNESCO Chair of Education, Citizenship, and Cultural Diversity, the Observatory of Education and Training Policies (a common structure with the Associated Laboratory CES-University of Coimbra), the Public Science Forum. The CeiED is the publisher of two international journals, the Revista Lusófona de Educação (RLE) and Cadernos de Sociomuseologia (CSM), which are leading in the fields of Educational Sciences and Museology in Portuguese-speaking countries.