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Public Science

Public Science Forum

The Public Science Forum, established in 2023 as part of CeiED, strives to improve a vision of science and universities in interaction with society by strengthening collaborations and actions in the field of public science.

In this regard, the Forum's lines of action include:

  1. Fostering networks of partnership with civil society (namely, schools, museums, libraries, and associations);
  2. Encouraging consultancy activities in CeiED's areas of expertise;
  3. Organizing public science events (for example, meetings, conversations, presentations and exhibitions, and courses);
  4. Proposing initiatives for science communication;
  5. Collaborating with the numerous CeiED research structures to learn about their initiatives, increase the exposure of their findings and archives, and organize events;
  6. Encouraging interdisciplinary efforts and initiatives in the areas of action of CeiED;
  7. Interacting with doctorate, master's, and undergraduate programs on a regular basis to participate in activities and develop new projects.

Director: Inês Vieira,

Coordination team: Adel Igor Pausini, Maria Constança Vasconcelos, Inês Vieira, Margarida Belchior, Marta Maria Jecu, Gabriela Coronado-Téllez