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CeiED Junior

The CeiED Junior emerges from the necessity of promoting a research culture from the early stages of academic education. Targeted at students of undergraduate courses in Education Science-Social Education and of masters degrees in education sciences, and sociomuseology, the CeiED Junior will serve as a platform for the development of research skills, stimulating critical thinking and the production of reflective knowledge in the socio- educational context. By promoting integration between education and sociomuseology, this space will contribute to the training of more qualified and reflective professionals, capable of responding to contemporary challenges in these areas.

The CeiED Junior constitutes a privileged space for the academic and professional development of undergraduate and masters students, providing them with unique opportunities to develop interdisciplinary skills and actively participate in the production of scientific knowledge.


  • Foster students Interest in scientific research in the fields of Education and Sociomuseology through guided practical activities.
  • Provide an interdisciplinary learning space where students can explore the interfaces between education and sociomuseology, developing critical analysis and reflection skills.
  • Stimulate active student participation in collaborative research projects, promoting the integration of theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Facilitate interaction among students at different levels of education (undergraduate, masters, and even doctoral) and the CeiED ReLeCos, promoting the sharing of
  • experiences and knowledge.


Carla Galego

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