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The main objective of L3EP is to strengthen the dialogue between the research community, in particular of CIDATE and the post-graduate students in urban planning in order to fertilize synergies and open new opportunities for interdisciplinary research in the production and consumption of public spaces. L3EP aims therefore to generate mutual improvement activities, spark ideas, and trigger new research lines and projects. In its activities L3EP carries on a tradition of a great combination between teaching and research – and actively involving students in research projects (through summer schools, training schools, workshops, etc.). This makes the L3EP a place to develop and validate theories and experiences in urban development, as those related to new communication technologies and public spaces.

L3EP is a forum for discussion and reflection on creating and testing new methodologies for research and teaching – fostering the reciprocity in the exchange of knowledge with the community with a clear-cut interdisciplinary character towards promoting positive societal changes.

The programme and activities of L3EP are aimed to:

  • Increase the involvement of PhD and master’s students in studies and research on urban spaces and the links to education,
  • Validate and test methodologies for research in a new context, considering the social function of public spaces,
  • Increase experimental actions at local level that aim to capacity building, social cohesion and the use of public spaces,
  • To coordinate and enhance research efforts toward increasing empirical knowledge, also considering that social consequences of digital advancements which involve opportunities but also risks, and the results for the practice of urban design,
  • Provide support in collaborative research projects.




Knowledge Base Urban Rivers


Development of an interactive, visual dictionary on territory and environment, considering the different nuances of Portuguese spoken in the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Counties)


A Importância da Infraestrutura Verde e da Atividade Física em Tempo de Pandemia