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Education PhD student takes part in "Being Human Today" course

6 june 2024

Susana Oliveira, a PhD student in Education, took part in the short course "Being Human Today", held by the University of Adger between May 14 and 16 at Kristiansand Kunsthall. The course, now in its second edition, is the result of a collaboration between the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities and Education of the University. 

This course was attended by doctoral students from Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, professors (Tore Dag Bøe, Bård Bertelsen, Rolf Sundet, Aslaug Kristiansen, Dag Nome, Monica Klungland, Sigurd Tenningen and Lisbet Skregelid) from the three universities and guest professor Gert Biesta.

The course developed from the book Being Human Today, published on May 14,

 It was an excellent opportunity for each participant to explore their doctoral program in depth, based on the contents of the book and the exhibition by artist Anna Sigmond Gudmundsdottir at Kuntsthall.