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14th CeiED Researchers Meeting | 11th and 12th July 2024

3 may 2024

11 – 12 July 2024


In the year in which we celebrate 50 years of democracy in Portugal, the 14th CeiED Researchers Meeting aims to reflect on new directions for education and research.

Democracy and the consecration of fundamental rights brought, among others, the right to Education, setting off a path that today has led us to a 12-year compulsory education system, from an inclusive perspective in its broadest sense. From a country with a significant educational delay, Portugal began to follow the most advanced educational systems, both in primary and secondary education, and in higher education.

In turn, research has followed an identical path, developed, deepened and today plays a crucial role in expanding knowledge in responding to complex challenges of various kinds, with the integration of researchers into international teams in support of global agendas.

As we look to the future, we are concerned about uncertainty, the volatility of knowledge and the ability to respond to the new digital world, climate change, among others, without leaving anyone behind, making use of the rights we gained 50 years ago.

CeiED invites its entire scientific community - undergraduate, master's, doctoral, post-doctoral students, researchers and teachers - to, from this recent past, reflect on how Education and Research can contribute to a better world for the next generations, based on the values ​​of equity and social justice.


Undergraduate, master's, doctoral and post-doctoral students in Education and Sociomuseology at Universidade Lusófona.

CeiED teachers and researchers.


We invite you to submit summaries from ongoing or completed individual research projects, as well as collective research projects within Curricular Units, ReLeCo and Chair Study Groups. Summaries must include information on the research question, objectives, theoretical framework, methodological framework, results and conclusions, if the research already has these elements. Each abstract may have a maximum length of 300 words, and must be accompanied by a title and reference between 3 and 5 keywords.

Submission platform:Even3

Presentation time: 7 min.


If they wish, participants can send a complete text to be included in the “Atas do Encontro” book, in digital format. Complete texts must be sent in a Microsoft Word .doc file and can be written in Portuguese or English.

The text to be submitted must comply with the standards provided by the Organizing Committee (template to be made available soon). The event Organizing Committee reserves the right not to publish texts that do not comply with the rules and defined format.

In memory of the 14th CeiED Researchers Meeting, we ask participants to tag CeiED on Instagram @ceied.ulusofona and mention the hashtag#14encontroCeiED in all their publications on social media. 

Important dates:

  • Meeting date - July 11th and 12th, 2024.
  • Submission of abstracts - until June 2nd, 2024
  • Abstract Acceptance Notification - June 21st, 2024
  • Submission of full texts - September 30th, 2024

Deadline for submitting full texts: September 30th, 2024


Participation in the event is free, with mandatory registration, here!

Organizing committee

  • Adel Igor Pausini (coord)
  • Carla Galego (coord)
  • Judith Primo
  • Lucimar Dantas
  • Rosa Serradas Duarte
  • Sonia Cardoso

Scientific commission

  • Adel Igor Pausini
  • Alcina Manuela de Oliveira Martins
  • Ana Inês Aires Mesquita Vieira Ferreira
  • Ana Maria De Sousa Loureiro do Vale Pereira
  • Ana Paula Lopes da Silva
  • Ana Sofia Pereira de Amaral António
  • António Neves Duarte Teodoro
  • Bento Filipe Barreiras Pinto Cavadas
  • Carla Marques Galego
  • Cristina Stanca Sin
  • Dulce Franco
  • Elsa Maria Bacala Estrela
  • Ernesto Candeias Martins
  • Filomena Augusta Gomes da Silva Antas Parada
  • Inês Vieira
  • João Robert Paula Nogueira
  • João Filipe Matos
  • José Gregório Viegas Brás
  • Judite Santos Primo
  • Leanete Thomas Dotta
  • Louise dos Santos Lima
  • Lucimar Almeida Dantas
  • Margarida Maria Sales Henriques Belchior
  • Maria Clara de Faria Guedes Vaz Craveiro
  • Maria Constança Vasconcelos
  • Maria Neves Leal Gonçalves
  • Maria Odete Pereira da Silva Emygdio da Silva
  • Mário Moutinho
  • Marta Maria Jecu
  • Rosa Maria da Silva Serradas Duarte
  • Sónia Cristina Miranda Cardoso
  • Vítor Duarte Teodoro



Isabela Bertho

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