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Education, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity: Theory and practice of Sociomuseology

Bearing in mind that Sociomuseology is a school of thought still under construction, the main goal of the research will be to contribute to clarifying its concepts aiming to consequently further its theoretical depth. 

This research project, to be implemented in an integrated way with the UNESCO Chair, will be based on a dialogical relation with museums and museological processes, recognized and acting in the field of Sociomuseology.

Research Team

Judite Primo


  • UNESCO Chair “Education, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity”
  • Lusófona University - Department of Museology at the of Lisbon
  • Período Date
  • Financiamento Funding
    Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia: 306.000,96 EUR
  • Referência do Projeto Project Reference
    CEECIND/04717/2017 (2019-25)