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Alejandra Montané

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PhD in Philosophy and Education Sciences from the University of Barcelona (2008). She is a professor and researcher at the Department of Didactics and Educational Organization at the University of Barcelona. She teaches in the graduate programs in Pedagogy and Social Education, as well as in various university master's programs.

Alejandra coordinates several international research projects and interuniversity cooperation initiatives.

Áreas de interesse académico e científico Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Foundations of Education
  • Sociology of Education
  • University Teacher Training
  • Curriculum
  • Educational Policies
  • Social Exclusion

Publicações Selecionadas Selected Publications

  • Aneas, A., Carmona, C., Shuali Trachtenberg, T., Montané, A. (2024) Interreligious Competence (IRC) in Students of Education: An Exploratory Study. Religions, 15(1).
  • Montané, A., Ordóñez, J., Ulrich, J. L., & Bueno, A. (2023). Estudiantes y Universidad: Elementos para Reflexionar sobre la Participación, la Satisfacción y la Motivación . REICE. Revista Iberoamericana Sobre Calidad, Eficacia Y Cambio En Educación, 22(1), 103–120.
  • Méndez, J., Llanes, J., & Montané, A. (2023). Are students with disabilities truly present in universities? An international analysis from a participatory approach. International Journal of Inclusive Education.
  • Ordóñez, J.,Ulrich, J., & Montané, A. (2020). Motivación y satisfacción académica de los estudiantes de Educación: Una visión internacional. Educación XX1, 24 (1).
  • Calduch, I., Llanes, J., Montané, A., & Méndez-Ulrich, J. L. (2020). Gobernanza y universidad: estudio iberoamericano sobre la participación estudiantil en las Instituciones de Educación Superior. Revista Iberoamericana De Educación, 83(1), 187–209.