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PhD Programs

PhD in Education

The Doctorate in Education at Lusófona University focus on the original research development in the fields of Education Sciences and it integrates the Citizen Science Doctoral College created by CeiED.

Consult the doctoral theses in Education here.

Scientific Coordination

António Teodoro

Rosa Serradas Duarte

Catalog of 100 Doctoral Theses in Education

On November 2, 2018, the Doctoral Program in Education at the Lusófona University completed its 100th Doctorate.

This catalog brings together abstracts, in Portuguese and English, of the Theses presented and defended between 2009 and December 31, 2018, totaling 101, of which 5 are awarded the European Doctoral mention, as a result of partial stay of the doctoral student in a foreign university (among other required conditions).

This catalog is a slice of the past, to use the expression of the Italian historian Carlo Cippola, which marks the Doctoral Program in Education at the Lusófona University.

We will do everything to ensure that this Doctorate is a public space for advanced training, with the construction of global citizenship and the struggle for social (and cognitive) justice as its guiding principles.