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José Beltrán

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José Beltrán holds a PhD in Philosophy and is a Full Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University of Valencia. He has taught courses and delivered lectures at various national and international universities. 

His academic career has focused on educational administration, adult education, teacher training, and educational policies. He is the author of numerous publications on philosophy, sociology, and education, and serves on the editorial boards of Spanish and Latin American educational journals.

He coordinates the team at the University of Valencia that is part of the Ibero-American Network for Research in Educational Policies (RIAIPE). He has participated in various international cooperation projects and is a member of Solidarity Schools. He is also a member of the Assembly of the Spanish Federation of Sociology (FES) and the International Sociological Association (ISA), as well as the CLACSO Working Group on Higher Education Policies.

Áreas de interesse académico e científico Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Education
  • Sociology of Education

Publicações Selecionadas Selected Publications

  • Alonso, R., Rodríguez L., & Beltrán, J. (2022). La Sociología de la Educación en España. Cronología de una época: 1990-2021. Revista de sociología de la educación, 15(1),
  • Zambrano, M., & Beltrán, J. (2021). Filósofa de la Generación del 27. Creativity and Educational Innovation Review, 5.
  • Ruiz, D., Gracia-Soriano, P., Andrés-Cabello, S., Villar-Aguilés, A., Venegas, M., & Beltrán, J. (2021). Educación intercultural: desde el desarrollo de competencias del profesorado hasta las trayectorias vitales del estudiantado internacional. Revista de Sociología de la Educación-RASE, 14(2).
  • Jezine, E., Prestes, Em., Beltrán, J., & López, A. (2021). La educación a lo largo de la vida: lógicas sociales y marcos de análisis. Revista Lusófona De Educação, 49, 179-197.
  • Lima, F., & Beltrán, J. (2021). Da pedagogia do oprimido à pedagogia do reconhecimento: Um diálogo entre o pensamento de Paulo Freire e Axel Honneth.  Creativity and Educational Innovation Review, 4.