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And after the pandemic? Recovery, continuities and changes in basic education (ISCED 1) in Portugal [RePeME]

The project aims to contribute to the build-up of rigorous knowledge about the post-pandemic changes introduced in Portuguese schools of first cycle (the first four years of schooling – grades one to four) and the second cycle (the next two years – grades five and six) of basic education (ISCED 1).


  1. Understand ways of apprehension – and strategies for mitigation – of school inequalities in a post-pandemic context;
  2. Identify opportunities for teachers’ professional development, as well as, the appropriate working conditions to ensure their well-being and mental health;
  3. Identify and analyze measures and actions implemented for the recovery and/or consolidation of learning, the monitoring of students and dropout prevention, and the evaluation of their learning outcomes.

Research Team

  • Período Date
    01.09.2022 to 31.07.2024
  • Financiamento Funding
    FAZER+|COFAC: 28 837.66 EUR
  • Referência do Projeto Project Reference