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Energia que move

The Energia Que Move project proposes the transformation of spaces in front of the entrances of two schools in Braga (EB1 Carandá and EB 2,3 André Soares) with efficient energy solutions that promote active mobility. The project is articulated through four activities: the creation of bicycle trains to promote active mobility among children, the holding of robotics and energy transition workshops to raise awareness of environmental sustainability, a participatory process for the collective redesign of school entrances and impact monitoring as an evaluation tool for an experimental project.

This project is associated with the Public Science Forum.


Objectives of the academic team:

  • Understanding the perceptions, expectations, and fears of educational communities about transition processes towards active and sustainable mobility
  • Monitoring experimental intervention activities in school entrance spaces
  • Assessment of the impact of experimental intervention activities with various agents in educational communities

Research Team


  • Período Date
    03/2024 – 12/2025
  • Financiamento Funding
    EDP (winner project of the Energia Solidária 2023 programme); Co-funding of Câmara Municipal de Braga