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INOMPOR - The social role of innovation in Portuguese museums

Starting with the recognition that museums are institutions oriented towards providing services, innovation can be promoted as a culture within institutions, seeking as a process to generate social change and, not only, as a promotion of electronic devices to delight visitors.

The project aims to understand how museums and museologists in Portugal understand the place of innovation. To this end, it is essential to understand the current situation in order to discover deficiencies, “misunderstandings”, limitations and successes, aiming to find solutions that can be adapted to each institution, taking into account its social context.

The project is developed within the scope of CeiED/Department of Museology and is supported by the UNESCO Chair "Education, Citizenship, and Cultural Diversity”.

Research Team


  • APOM – Associação Portuguesa de Museologia
  • MINOM Portugal – Movimento Internacional para uma Nova Museologia
  • ICOM Portugal – Conselho Internacional de Museus
  • Período Date
  • Financiamento Funding
    Program Seed Funding ILIND: 4.878 EUR
  • Referência do Projeto Project Reference
    ID-ILIND: UIDB-04114-2020