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Contemporary Art: A pathway towards Inclusive Museology

25 june 2024

The conference Contemporary Art: A pathway towards Inclusive Museology (C.A.R.I.M) is embedded in the research project with the same title initiated in 2023, situated in an interdisciplinary perspective at the cross-point of theory and history of arts and practice, visual culture, anthropology and museology (

The project aims to crystallize strategies that contemporary art (and especially historic and recent conceptual art) can bring into the field of museology, and which can open up de-hegemonic, inclusive and creative methodologies to deal with museologic history, with the institution museum, with display of material culture.

This conference presents the work of researchers and collaborators involved in CARIM, as well as artists who’s work has inspired and guided the ongoing researches. The conference is focused on the presentation of case-studies of participatory, interactive, critical and inclusive artistic and creative practices that innovated and renovated museology since the beginning of the 20th century, with a focus on recent practices. The research project aims to demonstrate the applicability and the efficiency of such artistic strategies for the discipline of museology and to draw methodologies that can be invested for the reconsideration of archives and collections and for the development of de-colonial and anti-hegemonic museologic practices.

The project is funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT 2022.04615.PTDC ) and is embedded at the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education and Development (Ceied), Lusofona University, Lisbon, Portugal.

Project Coordination: Marta Maria Jecu. Co-coordination: Margarida Brito Alves

Members: Marta Maria Jecu, Judite Primo, Margarida Belchior, Paula Lobo, Cristiana Tejo, Mário Moutinho, Arantxa Ciafrino, Henrique Godoy e José Manuel Gomes Pinto

Consultants: Françoise Vergès, Sara Alonso Gomez, Alexa Färber

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Conference Programme

10h - 10h15

Welcoming and Presentation of the project CARIM

Marta Maria Jecu

10h15 - 10h35

What's love got to do with it? Museums of Contemporary Art as spaces of care / Lecture

Marta Guerreiro

10h45 - 11h05

Mute: Controversies between Music and Silences, Resources for opening up Dialogue at the Musée du Quai Branly / Lecture

Nathália Pamio Luiz and Caio Pamio Portezan

11h15 - 11h30

Presentation of Artistic Projects

Tatiana Macedo

11h40 - 12h

Looking into Kiluanji Kia Henda and Bruno Moraes Cabral ‘Terra (In)Submissa’: Poetical Narratives as Political Means / Lecture

Henrique Godoy

12h10 - 12h30

A Sociomuseological Perspective on Contemporary Dance and Performance in Museums and its potential for Social and Institutional Transformation / Lecture

Arantxa Ciafrino and Adel Igor Pausini

12h40 - 13h

Túlia Saldanha: Inside and Outside the Box

Margarida Brito Alves

13h10 - 13h30

Regional Museums and New Museology: The Regional Museum National Campaign between Modern and Contemporary Art / Lecture

Adel Igor Pausini

13h40 - 14h40

Lunch Break

14h40 - 15h

For matriarchal curatorships / Lecture

Cristina Tejo

15h10 - 15h30

What is a Museum: a stroll into archives and art-works / Lecture

José Gomes Pinto

15h40 - 15h55

Presentation of Artistic Projects

Dana Whabira

16h05 - 16h25

Ethnographic approaches in collaborative urban research: how to relate artistic and academic fields / Lecture

Alexa Färber

16h35 - 16h55

The School goes to the Geological Museum: Expanding and Giving New Meanings to the Relationship with Memory / Lecture

Margarida Belchior and Roberta Gonçalves

17h05 - 17h25

Presentation of Artistic Projects (On Reserve)

Raphael Grisey

17h35 - 17h50

AGRRIN: Corpos Geradores : da agressão à insurgência. (Generating Bodies: from aggression to insurgency) / Lecture

Judite Primo

18h - 18h15

Final comments and Farewell